Nonprofit & Business Consultant  here to serve you with your business needs

 Nonprofit  &  Business Consultant
 Experience  with  different  types of  Nonprofits &  Business Sectors

  My experience is:

Writting  Proposals  for  grants

Set up  programs  for  funding

Business Plans  &  Programs


Teresa Britt

I  received  my  Certification  for  Nonprofit  Managemnt  on June 11, 2003  from  Mercer County  Community  College.I  have  worked  with  different businesses,  and  many  Nonprofit  Organizations. I  can supply good references  about  my  work,  my  experience  and  training  to  work  every aspect  of  Nonprofit  Organizations  &  varies businesses. Such  as  with  The  NAACP  Organization,  Isles, Inc.  American Cancer Sociaity ,Sisters Network, Vast Center of NJ,  The  Pink  Rose. YMCA,  Child  Welfare Council  Initiative,  Housing and  Development  Network of  New Jersey.

Over 25  years of Computer Skills, Office Administration, Management. ,Marketing

Experienced   working  in  Nonprofits  as  a  Facilitator,   Volunteer, Administrative  Assistant,   Receptionist,   Consultant,  Grantwriter,  501c3s,  Program Cooridnator.

I'm  a  proud  Owner  of  a Catering  Business also, with  Wedding &  Event Planning  Skills and  Training.   join my website

The blessings of God maketh us rich and addeth no sorrow

Thank you for visiting my page may GOD Richly Bless and keep you

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